Tuesday, August 11, 2009

please stand by...

...and please keep your feet, arms and legs inside the blog at all times. The Disney Obsession will resume shortly. Thank you for your attention.

Honestly, things have been a little busy around Doc's house as I make plans for my first trip to Walt Disney World with the grandchildren. It will also be my first trip with my daughter-in-law who is something of a photographer herself. So we have been exchanging tips, ideas and so forth. For the record, the last trip with my son was in June 1994. As I recall, we came home with several episodes of Stupid Home Video. I can only hope we can make it home a few hours more.

Last night, after a wonderful dinner, we all poured over park maps and discussed our plans for the days we'll be there. Afterwards we jumped into YouTube and previewed some of what we'll be experiencing along a few things we won't. Who can passed up a chance to watch the Hyperspace Hoopla? The family loved it.

Status? Devon is completely ready to combat the Evil Emperor Zurg and Shelby is looking forward to visiting The Seas with Nemo and Friends. Jack-Jack; well Jack-Jack learned to say Tur-tle.

But back to blog at hand. In a few days I'll try to post a few items I have been working on. One having to do with a book and the other with IllumiNations. So as I am fond of saying:

More to follow...

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