Thursday, August 27, 2009

Counting Down

A favorite thing to do with any trip to Walt Disney World, besides the trip itself, is the countdown. There are countdown clocks that we can add to computer desktops, widgets, and other methods that I am probably not familiar with. I am “old school” about this, in that, there is a calendar on my refrigerator that helps me countdown the days ‘til the magic.

There are other things I like to do that help build the anticipation. Last night for example, Mrs. Doc and I joined my daughter-in-law and three of our grandchildren, my sister and her family, and we spent the evening at the county fair. Is it Disney? No. But can it help build a little excitement? Yes. They had a ride that operated much like Primeval Whirl. Yeah, I didn’t ride here either. Once is enough.

Other anticipation builders? Disney Park music. Thanks to friends, my iPod is teeming with a wide variety of options that I can listen to. Film. In anticipation of Devon trying his hand at pulling the sword out of the stone, I thought a little primer in Arthurian legend may be helpful. And how best to introduction a nine year old to King Arthur then a leisurely read through Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur or Geoffrey of Monmouth’s History of the Kings of Britain. But then, that may be a little much for Friday night. So maybe we’ll just watch The Sword in the Stone.

Other ways of preparing is in how we use language; meaning how certain words or phrases slip into the vernacular of Disney Geeks. Phrases such as “The Single Digit Dance” or one I may have coined this morning, “The One-Week Waltz.” Another one I use when I am flying into Orlando International is, “The MCO Shuffle.” And, of course, what shuffle is complete without a stroll through the Disney “Ear”port.

So, one week to go. I suppose I need to re-pack. Just to be sure, again, that I haven't forgotten anything.

How about you? What pre-trip traditions do you have? How do you build the anticipation (as if it needs any help)? How do you count down the days ‘til Disney?

More to follow...

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