Saturday, June 20, 2009

Where In The World: An Update and 0.25

Life can sometimes come at you fast and that has been the case for me during these past few weeks; actually since returning from Alaska. With that in mind, I will spend a few moments this morning bringing the Where In The World series up to date.

First, we placed a photo in the contest on April 25th (wow, that seems like a long time ago) that featured "No. 1 Toys." The sign can be found on a wall in the patio area of the Yak & Yeti Local Foods counter service in Disney's Animal Kingdom. My good from Ryan wrote in with the correct location. And on a personal note, let me recommend the egg rolls at the Yak & Yeti. Probably the best egg rolls on Disney property.

On May 16th the Obsession featured a photograph of an old Coke machine; something I wish I had setting in my "adventurers room". No one wrote in on this one, which leads me to think that the Where In The World series may have run its course. We'll see. Instead of leaving the photo out (Its been there over a month), I will go ahead an say that this particular Coke machine can be found Chester & Hester's Dinosaur Treasures, also in Disney's Animal Kingdom.

In the hope that there may be one or two of you out there that still check The Disney Obsession from time to time, I give you this...I call it, Where In The World 0.25, meaning that it is one-fourth of the total picture.

Have fun and check back in soon. Tomorrow I'll display the first of a new series called "Disney as Art."

More to follow...


Doc Terminus said...

My ironic dissertation will allow you many a nod! its Adventureland!

Daniel said...

Either that or TSMM

wdwcentral said...

It's without a doubt the Toy Story Mania queue!

Glenn said...


I believe that is a card from the Toy Story Mania queue.

Glenn Watts
Pompano Beach, FL

Doc Terminus said...

Lets look at my answer a different way:



(just in case you missed it)