Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Pronunciation: \ri-ˈmis\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French remis, Latin remissus, from past participle of remittere to send back, relax
Date: 15th century

1: negligent in the performance of work or duty: careless
2: showing neglect or inattention: lax

synonyms: see negligent

In writing about "Pals" last week I featured some photographs of the contents of a certain package I received from one of my many pals. But it wasn't long after I hit in the "publish post" button that I realized there was additional art that I could include. You see, I am blessed with a number of wonderful pals; family, friends and co-workers, who from time to time decide that my cluttered upstairs room could use a bit more to see. A few more things that help me to pass the time away from my central Florida home.

So, I was remiss last week in only posting one photo (well, two). This evening, I correct that small oversight, help the stars to realign, contribute to world peace in our generation and hopefully allow for a good nights sleep.You're looking at some park maps from Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea along with a map from a park that I miss nearly as much as I miss Walt Disney World, Disneyland Paris. You'll also see a little something with the Fab Four; someone out there knows I love The Beatles. After all, I was a pre-Shea Stadium baby.

Thanks to my pals Lori and Fee for adding a little more sunshine to my days.

This makes me think it may be time to begin something new on The Disney Obsession. I won't go into much about it now, but let me simply share some words scribbled on a nearby Post It note. "Blog idea...'In My World' - photos of Disney around the house" Yeah Doc, that's all we need, photographs of some of your collection.

More to follow...


-- Ryan P. Wilson said...

Lori and the Princess are two class acts, and they are pals indeed too!

Princess Fee said...

I think we all help each other while we are at home away from (WDW) home! Whether it be with little Disney (and non-Disney) surprises, or by just being Disney Pals! It helps us through the long months until our next trip!

And DOC, cannot wait to see photos of your collection!

lorilovestigger said...

Your welcome! I can't wait to see you in October!