Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Off The Road

...well, back from the adventures of last week. Mrs. Doc and I have returned from our journey "North to Alaska". We're busy getting back into the routine of life and trying to shed a few pounds after being forced to enjoy a seemingly endless supply of food. We've unpacked, we've been back at work a few days, and now the downloading of photographs begin.

I am sure that a few references to this recent adventure will find a way into The Disney Obsession. But I will share these two quick tidbits with you:

1) Did you know that Juneau, Alaska is the only state capital that cannot be accessed by road? You get there either by plane or boat.

2) I could live in Alaska if it weren't for the fact that is it 4210.29 miles to Walt Disney World. That is based on Juneau to Lake Buena Vista, in case you were wondering. That is 75 hours and 23 minutes if you drive straight through; providing you don't miss the ferry at Skagway or run into traffic in Fargo.

More to follow...


Anonymous said...

Can you drive to Honolulu?

D.O.C. said...

Touche Anonymous. I was repeating what our excursion guide told us and should have thought this through. His reference must have been with regards to those able to drive from the lower 48 states. Looking into this further, the roads into Juneau originate at the Skagway Ferry landings. There is a controvosial plan to create a land access.

Anonymous said...

The reason that I remain anonymous is that I can't remember my password.