Saturday, January 17, 2009

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire - Let's Play!

Okay, so it really isn't that millionaire game. But it is a rerun of the most recent Where In The World. A long time ago, on December 6th actually I posted the picture you now see to the left. Interesting isn't it.

So far there has only been one guess on where we may find this colorful tribute to Les Miserables (no it has nothing to do with the book or the musical; just a parallel to the Red and Black). Some of you were recently in the park and perhaps you passed this item while you were there.

Lets leave this up for another week and see if anyone can place this photograph. If not, then maybe a clever hint can be your starting point.

1 comment:

Doc Terminus said...

yeah.. a stumpy one... Looks like a train signal or boat thingiemajiggy...