Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Future Has Arrived

In the 501 days since The Disney Obsession began, if I have learned anything at all, it is that writing a blog is not an easy task! This spoken by someone who posts with no regularity whatsoever. But it isn't; easy that is. I am continually faced with the question of what to write and will it be worthwhile. After all, writing and maintaining a blog is an investment in time and energy.

This then begs the question. With so many excellent blogs available that cover almost every conceivable aspect of Disney, why another? Well really that question has been answered in that I did start TDO. So perhaps the question should be, should I continue working on the blog? Do I need to continue agonizing over what to write or whether or not it is being read? Are there other things that would be a better use of my time? I could draw or paint, or perhaps start writing my memoirs.

If this sounds like a familiar question, it is because I have asked it before. Only this time I have come surprisingly close to packing it in, shutting it down, shipping it off, and so forth.

Just the other day someone asked me to describe The Disney Obsession. Wow. I was stumped! I couldn't articulate what it is I am doing here. I could perhaps give an object lesson on how not to go about writing a blog, and live with the associated anxiety of trying to. Um. Maybe that should be my next blog. But I could not sum up in two or three sentences what this is. Not and make it sound interesting to my mind.


I began to think seriously about what it is I have been doing here and what I would like to do. What I have been doing is writing about my relationship with Disney; pretty much how and what I feel. I try to explore the emotions I associate with not only being in the parks, but with being a fan away from the parks. Yes, I throw in the assorted photos from time to time and ask you to guess where it is. Yes, there is some exposure to my attempts to capture the parks at night. But there can be so much more. True, I have more to write concerning my feeling on Disney. But there are other things I want to share about life in general.

That is my answer! How do I describe my blog? It is about my passion for Disney and for life! I don't want to limit myself to trying to come up with something about Disney all the time. No, I want to share some of the wonders of life that I enjoy. My family, music, the odd film here and there. Basically just about anything that I feel like sharing. After all, this is my blog right?

Yes, you can look for be a nice piece ( a series actually) about Illuminations; say something about the composers. Or perhaps we'll address the fact that Doc once had long hair (the Belle photo). We may explore the when and where of my falling in love with the parks. But too, we may take a look at The Beatles (remember, I am a pre-Shea Stadium baby). Maybe some reflections from when I lived in Europe, or playing with Legos with my grandchildren.

There is a great big beautiful tomorrow and yes, it is filled with things other than Disney. And truth be told, I am rather obsessed with those things too; my family, my friends. I am also happy with all the adventures I have had, and more importantly, those adventures that are yet to come.

I suppose we can call this my New Years resolution for The Disney Obsession, or "Doc's Decision". From here on, The Disney Obsession isn't just about Disney anymore. It is about life...with a generous dose of Disney of course.

For those of you who have been following this blog, I hope that you'll stick around. It is not that I have changed - I am just taking the blinders off. To me a blog is simply another way to share our lives with our family and friends (yes, my family reads this). It is because I blog that my circle of friends has expanded beyond what I would have imagined. And this is great. Mind you, I so much appreciate my old friends as well. So again, I hope you stick around as the ol' Doc tries out a few new things.

Oh, and you can look forward to my posting with the same degree of irregularity that you have come to know and respect from The Disney Obsession. If you wonder what is happening during those gaps, well, I may be drawing or reading a book, I may be in Disney World, or fishing on a lake in Michigan. It could be that I am riding bikes with my grandchildren or taking a walk with the love of life, Mrs. Doc. In short, I'll be out living and loving life.

I'll get back to the office every so often. But right now, I am going to read Inkheart.
Photo Credit: Cropped Screen Shot from Meet the Robinsons Disney Pictures website.


Princess Fee said...

I am glad to hear that you will be keeping on with the blog - I have loved some of the past postings that you have talked about your family, so I look forward to hearing about all of your obsessions!

It is very difficult keeping up a blog - and I admire those blog-masters that create amazing posts on a daily basis! But it is also very important not to forget things from the Real World.

I will look forward to whatever and whenever you post!

Elizabeth Caran said...

The timing of this post is extraordinary. I have had a personal blog for years and have loved it, but I'm finding that Disney posts are not as well received by the people who know and love me in "real life." So I sit on the precipice of creating a separate Disney blog. After all, all my friends are doing it! You have given me yet another moment's pause at the commitment of such an endeavor.

I look forward to continuing to read your posts... as love, feelings and emotion are what make life magical.

Colin - thedisneyworldblog said...

Doc, I struggle every week to come up with new ideas for my blog too. I have recently wondered whether to pack it in but it seems like every time I do, I get a comment or email from someone that keeps me going.

I have only started following your blog since I met you at Mousefest but I really enjoy it as you add a personal touch to your posts.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more posts in the future.

lisa said...

;) i'm in for the duration

Kathy said...

I love your blog and I too have a Disney Obsession. It is so great hearing from other Disneyaholics. Keep up the great work.