Monday, September 1, 2008

Two, Two, Two Post In One

Is it me or has life gotten busier? It has been over two weeks since I shared the "Life Is A Highway" post. And by the way, Mrs. Doc was completely surprised. She had no idea of our destination until we turned from Broadway onto 4th Avenue in Louisville and she saw the entrance of The Brown Hotel. Nice surprise and nice weekend for a wonderful lady.

But back to busy; it has been incredible. There have been a few nights that I didn't get back to Doc's Place until after 9 o'clock. Mind you, I am not complaining. These types of days help pay for the types of days I'll be enjoying in a little over three weeks. I'll be in The World enjoying great times with great friends and saying good-bye to an old favorite. Hoopla!

Now, let's do a little Obsession business. The last Where In The World has turned out to be quite the challenge. China and Morocco have been offered, as has the Adventurers Club. Even Lou Mongello's house was mentioned and while it seems he all but lives in Disney, this monkey is not among his collection. So, here is a hint. We'll take away two parks. The parks still in play are Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disney's Animal Kingdom. Happy hunting!

Awhile back I asked that if anyone had photographs of a "Reflective SSE" to send along and I would be happy to post it. My good friend Ryan from the Main Street Gazette sent over a shot from his "research" trip earlier this year. Thanks Ryan.

If you have a photograph of Spaceship Earth reflected on another surface in Epcot please send it to me. True, it isn't in the same league as crates or bathrooms, but others already do a great job of documenting these. TDO is tryin to blaze a new trail here. Help me out.

Tomorrow? Probably nothing, but I'll try.

More to follow...


Daniel said...

The Monkey House in DAK?

Ana said...

I do have a spaceship earth reflected on the water, do you want that pic?