Thursday, September 4, 2008

Disney World After Dark: A Fountain

I mentioned in a recent post that I did not spend a great deal of time in the Italy Pavilion. But I also noted how I am willing to change that. I believe that there is more to take in than meets the eye. It just takes time.

When I approach Italy on the promenade it is the campanile that immediately catches my eye, as I assume it does for most everyone. But what draws me into the pavilion is the fountain.

It could be said that the fountain serves as the court of Neptune, the Roman god of water and the sea. He is the Roman equivalent to the Greek god Poseidon and brother to Jupiter and Pluto.

My visits to the fountain remind me of a visit Mrs. Doc and I made with friends to the Trevi Fountain in Rome. It is a stunning fountain, especially at night. The fountain has been made famous by such films as Roman Holiday, Three Coins in the Fountain, and more recently, The Lizzie McGuire Move.

There have been several variations on the legend of the Trevi; meaning what happens when you toss a coin into the fountain. The current version says that it is lucky to throw three coins with your right hand over your left shoulder. I am not sure if it is lucky or not. I don’t recall anything particularly lucky happening to me when I did it.

As for the Neptune Fountain, I don’t know of any traditions or such that are meant to bring luck, though it appears that many have wished for something while visiting the fountain. For me, a visit to the fountain, especially at night, represents a quiet moment away from all the busyness of the day. It is a moment to stand still, be at peace and think of how good life is and how fortunate I have been to have been able to spend the day in Epcot.

My hope is the same for you. Take a moment to be still and simply enjoy this brief window in time.


Mike said...

Italy after dark is definitely beautiful. The fountain comes to life with the lighting.

We've been drawn in many times!

Well Behaved Krissy said...

I love this place to. As BADLY as I want to get to Italy, epcot will just have to do for now. :)

I'm sorry I've been a shabby Disney Blogger here lately. When things go nuts for me... we'll lets just say I dont blog much. I'll try to do a new post. Special... just for you!

Well Behaved Krissy said...

new post just for you :) hhahah