Friday, August 15, 2008

Life Is A Highway

In keeping with yesterday's "take it slow" theme, I thought I would share just a bit about this coming weekend for Mrs. Doc and myself. It's road trip weekend!

Every so often we like to take drives (even with gas prices as they are). We haven't really come up with a really good name for these little adventures. I call them Two-Lane Tennessee. But that isn't always fitting because we sometimes find ourselves on four-lane roads and, as is the case this weekend, it isn't always in Tennessee. The point is, we do not get on an interstate. The entire journey must begin and end without driving even one foot on an interstate.

That is the "take it slow" potion of the idea, to get off the impersonal interstates and take the more personal backroads. I recommend William Least Heat-Moon's Blue Highways for a broad idea of what can be experienced when you drive the backroads. I also recommend Road Trip USA by Jamie Jensen for inspiration. I know I want to try a few of his recommended routes. Incidentally, for you North Carolinians, he has a route that takes you through Ashville and Maggie Valley.

This weekend we're off on an Elizabethtown pilgramage. We're driving up Highway 31 W, the Dixie Highway, from Nashville to Louisville and experiencing some of the scenary that served as a backdrop in the Orlando Bloom film Elizabethtown. Then in honor of Mrs. Doc's birthday we'll be staying the evening on the Club Level of The Brown Hotel. Dinner? I hear there is a nice French Onion Soup at The English Grill Restaurant. Next day, back home to Tennessee, but not before we enjoy more of whatever it is we can find.

Now, to keep it Disney, let me share a little something we found on a prior back road adventure.

Ryan, all of the E-town soundtracks are loaded and queued up on the iPod. Along with a little Disney. Oh, and everyone, don't tell Mrs. Doc. It is all a surprise.


Well Behaved Krissy said...

This is my favorite driving song EVER. LOVE it. :) How do you manage to find Disney every where you go. Awesome.

-- Ryan P. Wilson said...

I promise not to tell! I hope you both have a fantastic time! I'm sure you will, since you both seem to have excellent taste in traveling company.

sambycat said...

have fun (or, as they say on WDWToday) welcome back! did you have a hot brown?

Andy said...

There is something to be said for taking trips and not taking the interstate. Doing railroad work my projects often take me far from the interstates and instead end up going thru every small town on the map. Those are often the most enjoyable drives!

Tony said...

Would love to be able to take a non-interstate trip ... difficult if not impossible in the NY City metropolitan area. Maybe when day ... when we decide to move south. Enjoy yours!