Sunday, January 8, 2012

Something On A Sunday

Gulf Shores, Alabama  12.29.11
I am committed to continuing to post things here from time to time. True my focus has been shifted to other aspects of life and to other projects, but the space will still be a place where I wish to share.

My wife and I recently returned from a few days at the beach in Gulf Shores. It has been the vacation destination of my family for many years; between 25 and 30 I suppose. It is long been a place where I could go and drop a bag in the corner and reside on the balcony watching the surf. I would simply ask someone to, "Please tap me on the shoulder when we're going home." Otherwise, I was content to do nothing but look out at the water and enjoy the steady rolling and the calming sounds of the waves.

It had been three years since I was last in Gulf Shores and I missed it. It didn't matter that it was not the summer, or that you had to wear a jacket at times. I was back in a familiar haunt and came home refreshed and relaxed having had time to reflect on the days ahead.

With this being my first post of the new year, let me close by wishing you a fulfilling new year. I hope there is something new you wish to do, something exciting you wish to accomplish. All the best!

More to follow...

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