Monday, January 16, 2012

Disney World After Dark: Innoventions Plaza

If you have followed this blog for any this blog for any length of time you know how I enjoy taking photographs in the World after dark. It becomes a different world in different light and I feel it takes on a different character as well. It is more, mysterious.

Though it will be hard to tell, this is a High Dynamic Range processed photograph. It is rendered from a single photograph taken with a Nikon D40, then processed through Adobe Photoshop produce copies with varying exposures that were then rendered in Photomatix Pro.

As for the timing, there are two great times to take photographs in the Plaza. One is during IllumiNations. If you can draw yourself away from the nighttime spectacular, you'll find that the Plaza is virtually empty as most everyone is at, you guessed it, IllumiNations. Another time is to linger during your exit from the park. This works best when you watch IllumiNations on the far side of World Showcase. You're a whole park away from the front entrance. Again, take your time.

Oh, and have a tripod with you. The above photograph was taken in Aperture mode with a lens opening of f/10 and an ISO of 200. This was a 10 second exposure. 

So, if you're patient, you can come away with some really nice shots.