Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hey there...

It has been a while hasn't it? So, how are you doing? Wonderful I hope. As you can see, the Fall has been pretty busy for me; that is if the lack of posts is any indication. But, it has been. Work is still rather busy, I am finishing up a commitment on one non-profit Board of Directors and in the beginning months of another Board commitment. This new one is on the board of a theater company I help to start some years ago. Oh, and look, there are 99 people regularly following this blog. Wow.

I am taking an art course. Well, it is an art course in that I do draw. But it is really so much more than just drawing.

Yes, I have been busy and I'll stay that way.

Something that also keeps me busy, is dreaming. I am a dreamer and I have no difficulty in admitting as much. Chalk it up to a constant state of wanderlust. I always look ahead to what may be the next thing. It isn't that I lack contentment with where I am at, but more, that I know that there is always something new to experience around the next corner. Taking a course is part of that. Looking at travel sites is another. I am always curious to know, or to dream about, what is next. Having had many adventures, I wish for more.
This photograph, taken from the Impressions de France film, somewhat speaks to this. When I see this couple walking beside the Channel, I like to think that perhaps this is my wife and I in some distant year. We will have grown old together, but still find the joy in seeking out new adventures and... holding hands.


Ryan P. Wilson said...

You know I relate to the almost daily mental wanderings of wondering what comes next, how to get to the next juncture in my life. Yet, there isn't a single one of those days where I'm not picturing Aileen by my side, and this image is a perfect representation of that, still exploring together many years down the road.

EverythingMouse said...

Walt Disney once said "If you can dream it you can do it" and he certainly proved that! Life would not be half as much fun without dreaming about what is ahead. I too enjoy the movie in Epcot France - it goes back to a simple time which often seems so removed from our reality right now.