Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Where In The World: Hollywood Studios

Still playing catch-up. So, let's catch-up with Where In The World. Last month, September 5th actually, we ran a photograph of the opening night of Mary Poppins. Devon Sowell correctly identified the photograph as being on display at the Great Movie Ride attraction in Disney's Hollywood Studios. Congratulations Devon.

Before moving on, the photograph would have been taken on August 27, 1964. It opened at Graumann's Chinese Theater on the 27th and then nationally on the 29th. The film earned 13 Academy Award nominations (only two films have received more nominations) and won in five of it's nominated categories. One for Best Actress for Julie Andrews and the Sherman Brothers took home two statuettes.

Now for another photograph; perhaps a bit more difficult. Where In The World would you find this?

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George Taylor said...

Adventurland! Right next to the Dole Whip and Fairy meet and greet. used to be the exit for the restaurant, I believe.