Monday, May 31, 2010

Where In The World

Revisiting May 19th, you'll recall the photograph showcasing a plethora of Pluto, Donald and Daisy plush toys all tucked into shelves. The task was to identify where these particular shelves were located. Our good friend, Ryan Wilson, of the Main Street Gazette listened to his senses and opined that these specific plush toys could be found in The Emporium. And that is correct. Congratulations Ryan.

The Emporium; often the last stop on the way out of the Magic Kingdom for those last minute gifts and remembrances.

Now, onto the next challenge. Where might you find this?


April said...

Plaza Restaurant?

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Since I've guessed enough lately, I'll just say this... Ah, New York, New York.

Pat said...

Beaches and Cream

AJ said...

Why, that's right over near the Writer's Stop in the Streets of America New York section! A nice little offering of plastic food and mid-century charm at the soda shop. :-)