Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Whatever You Call It

What do you say when you're closing in on the next trip to Walt Disney World? Some say they are doing the "Single Digit Dance". I like to refer to my walk through Orlando International as doing "The MCO Shuffle". And we may recall the commercial that has the little boy saying, "I'm too excited to sleep!" Whichever you choose (and there may be other expressions you use), it all says, "I'm going to Disney World!"

And I am! I am preparing for my fourth trip in the last 176 days.

It is difficult people who do not share or understand the passion that some of us hold for Walt Disney World to grasp why we take so many trips to The World, and then start planning the next one the minute we get home. And sometimes it is hard for us to express why.

On this occasion, my reason is simple. I am flying down to visit with a friend and his family. While I lived in England I played in band and became great friends with a guy named Dave Steer. I got to know his family and we would take the occasional road trip down to London together.

It has been a long time, too long in fact, since Dave and I have seen each other. So when I heard he was bringing the fam to the U.S. I jumped at the chance to visit. It could have been anywhere in the country and I would have made the effort. But as luck would have it, he felt it was a good idea to share Walt Disney World with his wife and sons. Frankly, I can't argue with the man's logic.

So, beginning today I am doing the "Single Digit Dance". On 02.25.10 I'll be laying awake in bed crying out "I'm too excitied to sleep!" Then at 8:35 p.m. on 02.26 I'll be doing "The MCO Shuffle" on my way to spend time wth Dave, Sue, Ben and Jake.

More to follow (I'm sure I'll Tweet a few updates)...

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