Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Incredibles

Another confession:

I was never a fan of having my picture made with characters. I considered the time spent waiting in line to have my photograph taken, to be time I could be riding a ride, seeing a show, taking a photograph, or perhaps, eating. But, that is changing, thanks to my grandchildren.

During our "Papa's Dream Come True" trip in September, I patiently waited in line in the Judge's Tent at Mickey's Toontown Fair, to have my photograph made with Mickey and Minnie and whole Doc fam. And, I confess, I had a little Doc only time with Mickey and Minnie (see my Facebook profile photo). I couldn't help myself. Then, during the "Papa and Devon Back to The World" October outing, Devon taught me that having your picture made with a few characters is not a bad thing. In fact, sometimes it can be quite fun and you may experience at times little to no wait. So, with my grandson leading the way, I dove in and have begun the quest of compiling my collection of character photo ops.

Now yes, I suppose since it was all started by a mouse, I should start my Character Connections with The Mouse himself, but I am going in a little different direction and beginning with The Incredibles. It is an example of how fun some photo ops can be.

It may be easier to seek out these Character Connections when I have a grandchild with me. But I am going to test the envelop in a few weeks when Mrs. Doc visit Walt Disney World for the Candlelight Processional. Then, it will be the ol' Doc, and perhaps Mrs. Doc, waiting in line without a grandchild in sight.

One must do what one must do.

More to follow...


Scott said...

One thing that's sorta nice about having a Disney rewards card from Chase is you can get some complimentary photos for cardholders only with some of the fab 5, and wait times seem less and you get some quality one on one time with the characters. They had my little boys laughing so hard, and we got some great pix!

Darrin.. said...

I so wanted to get a pic with just me and Carl from "UP" when we visited Disney Studios in August, but alas.. we had pressing lunch reservations =^( Maybe next time!