Wednesday, December 26, 2007

“The Most Unique Gift of the Year – 2007”

When it comes to gift ideas for the old Doc, my family has it easy. If it comes from Disney, is Disney related, or has the name Disney written anywhere on it, it is a safe bet. They can be fairly assured that they are not getting me the proverbial Christmas tie. Consequently, my office, the repository of “my Disney collection” has become quite crowded. In fact, Mrs. Doc is surprised that there has been only a limited amount of overflow into other parts of our home.

But with so much Disney to choose from it can be difficult to find the “special” or “unique” gift for the discriminating Disneyphile. What separates one gift from another and elevates it to the level of “uniqueness”? Well, to be unique is to exist as the only one, to be solitary in type. So, what is unique in that marketing juggernaut that we know and love as the world of Disney? Well, postage stamps, of course.

Postage stamps? Yes. But not of the variety currently being issued by the United States Postal Service. No, I am talking about personalized postage stamps. See the example below:

My mother took this picture of Mrs. Doc and me in Epcot during our April “Fifty in Disney” Birthday Celebration. And, having it turned into a postage stamp, qualifies it as “The Most Unique Gift of the Year – 2007” (in Doc’s world anyway). Only problem, I can’t use them. In my view, their uniqueness makes them a collectible.

So, when dropping your hints next year, be sure to direct your friends and family to The Disney Obsession archive for December 2007, and have them take a look at how someone else discovered that “one of a kind” gift for the geek in their life.


Postscript: My mother calls herself my “enabler” since she constantly fuels my obsession with regular doses of Disney in one form or another. Here is to the enablers in all of our lives

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Grumpwurst (Ray) said...

I definitely enjoy my Disney Enablers. May they never find a support group to tell them to stop :)