Saturday, December 22, 2007

Disney World After Dark: Germany

They have just lowered the bridge from having moved the "Illuminations: Reflections of Earth" barges into the World Showcase Lagoon, and we move onto Germany.

"South of the China pavilion the stair-stepped roofs, steeple, turrets, and castle walls of the Germany pavilion are visible. An amalgam of architectural design details from various cities all over Germany, the pavilion conveys an overall feeling of a fairy-tale alpinie village of centuries past. The statue in the center of the plate, or town square, is St. George (patron saint of soldiers) slaying the dragon."

from Since the World Began by Jeff Kurtti, pg. 109

The Germany pavilion also boasts several wonderful shops. My personsal favorite; Der Teddybar. It must be my love of toys.

So, grab a beer from Sommerfest, have a seat near the fountain, and enjoy Germany!

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