Sunday, June 1, 2014

Old Cars

During a recent trip to Walt Disney World I managed to stop by Disney's Hollywood Studios for a few hours before flying home. I am a big fan of the architecture of this park. I should probably clarify that statement. I am a big fan of the architecture of this park apart from a large stage constructed in front of a large hat that obstructs what was once the original "weenie" for the park. Sorry, some of you may like those additions, but in my opinion they detract from the atmosphere that the Imagineers of that day were trying to create. What they created was a nostalgic experience. One that former Disney CEO Michael Eisner described in his dedication as the "Hollywood that never was - and always will be."  

That is the Hollywood Studios that I love. The cars? Well, the old cars simply add to the charm of that by-gone era of Hollywood glitz and glamor.

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