Sunday, May 4, 2014

An Orchid in the Oasis

Admittedly, Disney's Animal Kingdom is my least favorite of the four parks.  Not that there is anything wrong with it, I simply don't like it nearly as much as I do the Magic Kingdom and Epcot.  These were the parks that I fell in love with at an earlier age and I suppose my nostalgia for them will always keep them at the top of my list.

Still, there are some areas of the Animal Kingdom that are inspiring.  It is the one park that continues to grow, in that the foliage is not always kept in check and nature is allowed to flourish.  One area where this is evident is in the Oasis.  So many rush through the Oasis to get to the more exciting areas of the park.  That is a shame.  It is one of the more peaceful spots in all the parks.  If one will simply take the time to walk slowly through the Oasis, or better still, find a quiet out-of-the-way place to sit, you'll find your cares washing away as though you were standing under one of the nearby waterfalls.

It is what it an oasis is; "something that provides a refuge, relief, or pleasant contract."

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