Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another Land

My wife and I just returned from a ten-day adventure which included a few days in a theme park I knew about but had never visited. What a visit! Over the next few weeks or so I'll try to share some of my thoughts and comparisons between Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Both are unique in their own right.

Being a person who has always visited the east coast parks, I can some up my experience in the west coast parks with one word, "Wow!"
One note for this post, when we walked into Town Square, we went to first to City Hall only to discover that the "Lilly Belle" was not at the park. Moving on, we made our way to the Fire Station. I paused and looked up to see the light burning in Walt's apartment. My emotions caught up with me at that moment and the full force of knowing this is Walt's park hit me. After working to pull myself together enough to talk, I said to Gerrie, "Honey, we could spend all day in this park and not do anything but walk around and it would be still be a great day!"

Still, we did visit a few attractions!

More to follow...


Ami Brundick-Eller said...

That is exactly how I feel in Disneyland Park! You really sense Walt's presence there! Can't wait to read more!

George Taylor said...

Can't wait!