Wednesday, September 7, 2011

15 years is a long time...

For my son's graduation from high school I took him to Walt Disney World; sort of the father / son trip. There were other trips with family, but never just the two of us in the World and goofing off. Looking back, I think that is what my son and I did best - goof off. I think most parents wished they had the ability to stop time; to capture it in a bottle. I wish I could have stopped time during that week. That we could have just kept on being two kids having a blast in my happy place. But of course, that couldn't happen.

It wasn't long after we returned from that trip that life caught up with us. His adult life began. He got married and had three great children and has gone about the business of providing and caring for his family. He served our country proudly, including a tour during the Gulf War. He sacrifices being with his family in order to provide for his family; in that he travels extensively with his job. He has a very proud father!

It is hard at times watching your children grow up. You know that their love is always there, but there needs are fewer and fewer as the years go by. You learn a different type of parenting when your children are grown. True, you have time to pursue the things you always wanted to do and perhaps you come up with a few new dreams along the way. I know that I have. But most always you're looking forward to those times you can spend with your children. You look for those occasions when new memories are created.

We just finished enjoying a Labor Day weekend and I am reminded of Labor Day two years ago. It was an occasion for new memories! I had the opportunity to fulfill two wonderful dreams that weekend. One was to take my grandchildren by the hands and walk down Main Street U.S.A.! The other was to once again to be in Walt Disney World with my son; my grown son. It took 15 years for it to come to pass, but it did, and it was wonderful!
I cried a little.

We goofed off!

A lot!


Anonymous said...

Great post, I have had a Father/Son trip 15 years in a row, not always Disney trips, 5 or 6 days of goof off time, golf, or just quiet hang time. This will be my second year missing our time together as my son is becoming an adult and now is serving our country as a Marine in Afgan...
I will try to not let 15 years to go by, thank you for the reminder,
mcampe from IL.

Disneyland Obsession said...

While I've never been to the World, I have been to the Land a number of times. I remember the first time I went, and the first time my wife and daughter went with me. All great memories for sure. And don't feel bad, I cry every once in while too, and sometimes it doesn't take much for me to start.
Some great photos, thanks for sharing.