Monday, August 29, 2011

Disney World After Dark: Memories

There is a debate that continues among those who frequent the parks. I don't know, it may also take place among those who have only visited Walt Disney World once and come home with a multitude of thoughts about the experience. But the question is, "What is the best nighttime show in Walt Disney World?"

There are those who say that Wishes is the best. In fact, a survey of readers in October 2010 had half of the respondents voting for Wishes. The other 50% were split between IllumiNations and Fantasmic. So, some say Wishes, some say IllumiNations, and so forth.

Now there is another option, Magic, Memories and You. No, we're not going to poll the audience, but I am saying that it is a show that should not be missed. If for no other reason, for the technology. In fact, you may not tear up as you would for the others, but I think you'll find it does touch a chord for many viewers.

As for me, I find my eyes leaking for Wishes, IllumiNations and Magic, Memories and You. What is not to love about any of these three?

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