Friday, June 17, 2011

Photo Phriday

"Adventure is out there!" This is one of my favorite lines in UP. Truth is, it is one of my favorite lines in any film I've seen. And that is a lot of film. "Adventure is out there!"

In the nearly twenty years that my wife and I have been married we have had our share of adventure. We have lived in Switzerland waking up with a view of the French Alps each morning. We walked and prayed for over a 1,000 miles through France, Switzerland and Italy sleeping in monasteries, convents, churches and once, in the same lodgings used by Napoleon at St. Bernard Pass. We've twice been to Africa; once to Uganda and the other to Zimbabwe, enjoying a short safari on a game preserve just outside of Harare during our time there. And as I have mentioned previously, we lived in England. It was in a small market town called Nuneaton. Nuneaton is in Warwickshire - "Shakespeare Country". It is about an hour and twenty minutes north of London by the fast train, and was the home of George Eliot.

While we lived in England we had the opportunity to travel some and over the next few weeks Photo Phriday will look at some of the adventures we've enjoyed during our life together.

Found along Hadrian's Wall in the north of England, Vindolanda was Roman auxiliary fort. Construction of a fort on this site began in 122 AD. Gerrie and I visited the dig while on a trip with friends to Scotland.

"Adventure is out there!" As we prepare to begin our next twenty years together we are looking and working towards a few new adventures! Life is great!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations - may the next 20 be just as fun :)

Gator Chris said...

I'm really looking forward to the rest of this Photo Phriday series. Thanks for sharing.

Cindy said...

Nice share! More years to come, of love and adventure. Enjoying time together and travelling to places is a sure way for a happy couple. Got to see more post in Photo Phriday, it's really lovely. And comparing to other blogs that only post a picture, telling the story behind the lovely photo is a great thing.

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I have also watched UP and the movie was really full of adventures. It's good to hear wonderful stories of your adventures.