Sunday, July 25, 2010

Something On A Sunday

As a general rule, I normally do not post photographs of my self. There have been the occasional, true. And, it is quite possible there may be more as this blog continues to progress and evolve.

This morning I include a photograph of a somewhat younger me standing in the doorway of The Cavern Club. My wife and I used to live in England, in the Warwickshire actually, and would, from time to time, visit other parts of the country. Most likely we'd be down in London or go to the West Country. But one weekend we made it to Liverpool and I had a chance to have something of a Beatles pilgrimage. Nice weekend!

And why did I decide today was the day to post the photograph? Sir Paul McCartney is playing in Nashville tomorrow evening. Call it an homage. I saw Paul at the Hard Rock Las Vegas last year and have a ton of great memories from the concert, so I'll be passing on the show tomorrow (though if someone calls and offers me a free ticket, I'm there). Concert dollars have to be spent wisely these days, and as wonderful, and as magical as a Paul McCartney concert can be for an old Beatles fan, I am preparing for another "bucket list" concert; Roger Waters The Wall Tour! My son and I will be seeing that show in St. Louis.

Then, as now, life is good!

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