Saturday, September 5, 2009

Five Generations of Flight

This past Wednesday my friend Ryan at the Main Street Gazette hosted his first blog roundtable. On it, he asked the question, “What is your favorite attraction in the Magic Kingdom and why?” I want to share on The Disney Obsession, my answer. Then I would like to follow with an additional comment.

“My favorite ride in the Magic Kingdom is Peter Pan's Flight. There has never been any question on this! “True, there are many great rides in the Magic Kingdom; great for the thrills they bring or for the story they tell. Peter Pan's Flight is great for the memory it stirs within me. I made my first visit to Walt Disney World in the early Spring of 1972. It was only one day on what was a whirlwind tour through Florida. I don't remember everything about the Magic Kingdom that day, but I do remember that Flight. When our ship turned the corner and we flew out over the city of London, it was magic! It was magic that I still do not fully appreciate and cannot fully explain. In that moment I was flying! In that moment I was transported to another place and another time. I didn't need to know how things worked; I didn't care. All I cared about was being in that place at that time and wishing it could have lasted forever. It was pure fantasy. It was wonder!"I am so much older now and I know a little bit more about how things work. Yet, when I walk through the castle into Fantasyland and turn left at Mickey's PhilharMagic, I try very hard to forget. All I wish to do is climb aboard a flying ship and sail out over the city of London, think back to that first flight in '72 and just for a moment remember that there is still some small bit of innocence, a little dram of wonder, and a touch of magic still left in this world. I become, not an old man, but a boy who never really wanted to grow up."

Not much has changed. Although our home is an “empty nest”, Mrs. Doc will quickly point out that having me around is akin to having a little boy in the house. As I have said on other occasions, a person may have to grow old, but they never have to grow up. These are my words to live by and an outlook that I have tried to pass along to my children and now to my grandchildren.

Today, I will be sharing this attraction with the fifth generation of our family.

When I first flew in that Spring of 1972 it was with my mom and dad. In the late 1980’s I introduced my son and daughter to the delight of flight. Also on that late '80's trip was my grandmother. At this hour, I am riding it with my grandsons and granddaughter. There were not many things I asked for with this trip, but this was one of them; the honor of riding with them on their first flight over London. With any luck, they will not ask how it works.

But if they do, it’s magic! Isn't it? After all, we’re all kids and to us, most everything is touched with a bit of magic. Faith, trust and pixie dust!

More to follow…

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