Monday, July 13, 2009

The Poll: Round One

Okay, first things first. I have a confession to make. Here goes,

I have never been to Disneyland.

Okay, there, I said it. Yeah sure, I have been to Walt Disney World many many times and I have been Disneyland Paris twice; once while it was actually called EuroDisney. I have the sweat shirt and guidemap and a few other items to prove it. But to Disneyland, to Walt's park, I have never been. And I call myself a Disney Geek. Yeah, right.

I am planning to correct that oversight sometime in the next 365 days. So, apart from all the advice I am looking forward to receiving from my pals, I thought I would start with a little poll. For this, I need your help.

Help Mrs. Doc and I plan our trip by answering this question. If you only have one day to spend in Disneyland, what are the Top 5 things (in order) that you must do? If you wish to elaborate with why it is on your list, or with other useful tips, please feel free to do so. Once I have a nice selection of replies I'll compile the information and share it here.

Thank you for helping us out. I know it will be helpful, not only in our planning (as we don't really know how long we may have in the area) but with other readers who may be considering a trip to the park that Walt built.

More to follow...


lorilovestigger said...

How exciting! Too bad you couldn't go when I'm going to be there for my first trip in September. I'll have a better idea once I get back on what to do.

George Taylor said...

1. Space Mountain (blows the MK version away)
2. Indiana Jones
3. Pirates and the Haunted Mansion (Pirates is so much better)
4. All of the Fantasyland dark rides
5. Fantasmic!
6. Roger Rabbit (for a wonderful update of the classic dark ride)
7. The Disneyland Railroad
8. Park hop from DL to DCA just to say you have done it.
9. Walk through the lobby of Disney's Grand Californian.
10. Eat at the Blue Bayou!!!!

George Taylor said...


And don't forget to just walk around New Orleans Square. It is probably one of the most perfectly designed areas in any Disney park.

Joe Moyer said...

Only 5? Boy this is going to be hard.
1. DLRR: Go around the park once to get the layout of the lands. Disembark at New Orleans Square.
2. Pirates of the Caribbean: The preeminate dark ride.
3. Haunted Mansion: Who knew there were all these ghoulies in DL.
4. Peter Pan ride in Fantasy Land: The best of the dark rides in this land.
5. Space Mountain: Nothing like a space adventure to get the blood flowing.

Of course just a start. Hope you guys have fun!

-- Ryan P. Wilson said...

Unlike Mr. Taylor's unabashed rule-breaking, I will try to keep my list to only five items...

I would honestly stick to Disneyland itself and take advantage of the full wealth it has to offer. Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, and Peter Pan's Flight all come to mind immediately, though not necessarily in that order. If I am adding on to that list time in New Orleans Square, Toontown, the original Tiki Room, the DL Railroad and, of course, soem quality time on Main Street.

Don't say it George, it was only five items, I swear! ;^)

Doc Terminus said...

To counter George's overzealous list of 5... I will offer my own five...

1. Enjoy your time...

Doc Terminus

steve thompson said...

1. Indiana Jones kids favorite!
2. Pirates of Carribean, I think it's better then WDW.
3. Space Mountain...ditto
4. The Matterhorn, choose the Tomorrowland side
5. California Screamin' if you head over to DCA

Anonymous said...

1. Definitely Space Mountain
2. Get a Pineapple Whip from the Dole Cart by the Tiki Room
3. The Tiki Room
4. Pirates of the Caribbean
5. Visit the theater that plays the old Mickey films on Main Street.
6. TAKE ME WITH YOU!! I love Disneyland.
7. Have dinner at the Blue Bayou
8.Soaring Over California if going to DCA

George Taylor said...


Take Doc Terminus' advice.

The best so far.

Amy Sinclair said...

oooo, that's a tough question since there are SO many exciting things to do in Disneyland! Our family really enjoys all aspects of Disneyland, but it I had to give you a rundown of the top 5, here they are:

1. Space Mountain--depends on the kinds of rides you like, but Space Mountain is exhilerating and has one of the most spectacular setups.
2. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride: I've loved this one ever since I was a teenager! It is a ride the entire family can enjoy. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride used to be at Disney World but they traded it out for a differnt ride.
3. Star Tours--so much fun!
4. It's a Small World--one of my all time favorites.
5. Splash Mountain--wear your bathing suit if you're in the front row!

I just want to keep going--everything is great at Disneyland!

Gator Chris said...

FWIW -- Like you, I made my first trip to Disneyland late in life. I hope you make the trip -- I certainly wasn't disappointed.

In no particular order...
1. Ride the Disneyland Railroad (I think it's what Walt would want)
2. Experience Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye
3. Sleeping Beauty Walkthrough
4. See Pirates // listen to live music in New Orleans Square
5. Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room // Explore Adventureland

Most of all: ENJOY.

Glenn said...

I first have to say that I don't know how anyone could do just 1 day at the Park. Having only 1 day to try to enjoy Disneyland would depress me way to much. But if that was all I had then I would have to see Space Mountain, the Matterhorn, The fireworks over the Castle, Fantasmic, maybe ride the Mark Twain Riverboat around the Rivers of America, and the ride the Disneyland RailRoad around the Park. The great thing about it would be all the wonderful things you could see and experience as you walked from attraction to the other. There really is way to much to see and do. I hope that you enjoy Disneyland as much as I do. I was there in April 2009, and I already miss the place. I guess it's time to go again.
See Ya in the Parks.