Monday, May 4, 2009

Where In The World: In Need of An Update

Good evening friends. This past Saturday has come and gone and The Disney Obsession didn't post a new installment in the Where In The World series. We felt that since many of our friends have spent the last few weeks either in Walt Disney World, travelling, or in one case, moving, we would let the current two photographs suffice for one more week. That gives everyone a few more days to take a look around your memories of the parks and discover where you would find these objects.

Now for some of you, the memories should be rather fresh.

More to follow...

P.s. Might I suggest you download "Live in NYC" by The Dana Fuchs Band and enjoy a wonderful Joplinesque vocalist.


Craig Wheeler said...

I'm dying to find out where that first one is from. I've been waiting anxiously to see the answer. It is a great photo.

Anonymous said...

Is that the Disney Epcot Outpost delivery truck?

Glenn Watts