Saturday, November 17, 2007

Back from The World

Truth is, I have been back for a few weeks, but have been extremely busy at work. One has to pay (in more ways than one) for the quick 3 to 5 day trips to the World. I have not done so in the past, but I may try to compose a trip report in the near future. What I will share here is that I found myself wanting to take more photos of crates and picture spot signs. I may post a few as time goes on, though there are others who have a good deal more passion for these types of things and I best leave this to those experts.

What I do enjoy however is taking photos of the parks at night. As magical as Disney World is during the day, it becomes a whole other world when the sun goes down. That is when I pull the tripod out of the locker and try my hand at capturing this other world.

In the future, I shall call this post Disney World After Dark. But for now we'll start our nocturnal visit in the World Showcase with a stroll past Mexico. And one bit of advise, if you are so inclined, I find this stroll all the more enjoyable after picking up a Dos Equis from the fine people at the Cantina de San Angel. Enjoy!

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